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Like many websites, this Site also uses cookies for a variety of purposes (“Site” is used in the context of this website and its partners’ sites). Technical contact files, called cookies, are small text files that a user of a website sends to a computer or mobile browser.

For what purpose and how are cookies used?

On this Site and its partners’ sites, it is intended to provide personalized content, campaigns and advertisements tailored to the interests and needs of the users.

The intent is to make the Site experience more quality by preventing unnecessary advertising display that will not attract the user’s interest. Cookies help us to identify you, which allows us to make the Site more useful and useful for you with content, ads and campaigns that we think you’ll be interested in.

1. Cookies; this site and other partners’ sites that want to use this application.
2. Cookies; To show you ads and campaigns that you might be interested in when you enter the Site, and to determine whether you are interested in this advertising after you have seen content and advertising on the Site, and whether you have visited the site of that product or service.
3. Cookies; The number of users visiting the site, the type of user, the frequency of visits, user behaviors and habits, the countries from which users visited the site, and so on. statistics.

What information is collected and processed through cookies? The geographical location of the users, the reaction to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the user voluntarily gives to the Site and the partners’ sites, the preferences performed on the site, the social In our shared sites, actions related to the pages of our site and our partners will be able to be retrieved and processed.

Data from different sites can also be merged and processed. Your membership information provided to the Site and its partners’ sites may be received and processed by the Site or its partners for the purposes set forth herein.

As data is received and processed through specific applications (applications) from social networking sites, you may be aware of your approval for your application, which data will be processed. By not approving the relevant application, it is possible that you can prevent the processing of your personal data in the scope you specify.

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